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Membership renewals now due from September 2020. Please note we have renewed the price format.
Standard membership £10
Couples collectively who have a card each £15
Pensioner membership £5

Continue to enjoy the large discounts and exclusive access to promotions. Join us for sports fixtures, book the skittle alley or darts board and, when government allows, we will be restarting the entertainment and having further events.



This year we celebrate the 5th anniversary of moving into the new club. As you know, we generally mark the occasion in style with a Summer Party and we had a very special night and a great new group planned for this year. With the current restrictions in place, sadly it wasn't possible. So, instead we're taking a look back at some memorable moments from the last five years.


OUR FIRST SUMMER PARTY was a massive hit, we were lucky enough to have a superb band - The Van Burgundy, a terrific crowd and the perfect atmosphere - it all came together for one fantastic night.

THE KIDS XMAS PARTY has always been a favourite and seems to get more popular each year ... and not just with the children!

FUNDRAISING for local charities, good causes and worthy individuals is very important to all of us at Mardons and has always been supported by the generous nature of all our members and guests. We've had some terrific events; quiz nights, race nights, charity bingo and even special fundraising days held at the club. One of the most fun was the '80s Night' which raised funds for Kilmersdon School.

WORLD CUP FOOTBALL proved to be a wild and crazy time at Mardons as we became a leading venue for watching the matches and sharing in the atmosphere. There were highs, there were lows but the support was incredible throughout!



As we prepare to open our doors and welcome you all back, you’ll notice the changes we’ve had to make.

Covid-19 Notification warning signs at Mardons

  Covid-19 Notification warning signs at Mardons

When we signed up to become bar staff, we didn’t get training on how to reopen when there’s a pandemic! So we ask that you are patient when waiting in a queue, that you are respectful of the signage in place, that you clear glasses and rubbish from your tables, that you socially distance and are aware of others around you. We ask you not to shout, not to linger at the bar, and to keep children with you at a table.

New bar screens during ccovid-19

  New bar screens during ccovid-19

Please remember that staff will be adjusting to the measures too, and if we ask you to do something, it’s to keep everyone safe, and keep our club open!

Thank you, Mardons Staff & Committee



Following strict Government guidelines, we are very pleased to announce our re-opening on Saturday, 4th July.

The bar staff, cleaners and the whole team at Mardons are all working hard behind the scenes to prepare the club - further information regarding the safe use of the social club will follow nearer the time.



We hope this finds all our staff members and friends safe and well.

A quick summary of what has been happening since lockdown and looking forward to welcoming everyone back as and when we allowed to reopen.

Many of you will know that even prior to opening and ever since we have had problems with leaks in our main ceiling. Despite many emails to the builders and various visits including from the new CEO of B&NES nothing was done. On contacting Jacob Rees-Mogg he paid us a visit (one of several over the years) and he was determined to get it resolved. Not long afterwards the builders got in touch and once lockdown is over they have promised to resolve the situation.

Regarding lockdown we were probably the first to close in the area before the general shutdown was announced in order to safeguard our staff and customers. We also informed our staff that we would pay them in full, for as long as we could, to reward their loyalty and thank them for their efforts. This was before the furlough scheme and grants were announced. The furlough scheme itself has obviously helped us and we are in good financial shape looking forward. In fact we had recently completed a bar refurbishment and toilets upgrade costing several thousand pounds, so we are well set for opening when it happens.

We had prepared in advance the paperwork necessary to apply for the various schemes announced by Government to assist the Hospitality sector such that as soon as the help was made available it came through very quickly without a hitch. During lockdown we have been ensuring our stock remains sequenced and in date and working with the Brewery we are following their guidelines on regular maintenance we are ensuring our cellar and beer lines stay safe and clean ready to serve our beers, lagers and ciders to the high quality our customers have become used to.

The club as a whole has been given a deep clean and we are awaiting the guidelines from the Government's Hospitality Task Force in order to produce a Risk Assessment, Notices, instructions etc for Management, Staff and Customers to follow in order to satisfy the requirements. Hopefully we are nearer the end than the beginning and look forward to the announcement that we can open our doors (July??) once again.



Following government guidelines and for the safety and well-being of staff and guests we have made the difficult decision to close the club with immediate effect.

Please follow our Facebook page for updates, information and future notices. Hopefully we’ll all be well and back together soon. Please stay safe and look after each other.



If you receive the Westfield Warbler, you will have seen (on page 25), that we have something a bit different and very special coming up at the end of the month ... a night of original music with The Jamestown Brothers.... save the date in your diary!

While Mardons Social Club continue to entertain with the best quality covers bands on Saturday nights (upcoming performances include The Haus Band, Super D and the terrific Voodoo Seven), one Saturday night will showcase a big, festival-sounding, 8-piece, original band, The Jamestown Brothers!

The group is brimming with talent, their music is infectious, with brilliantly written lyrics and superb vocal hooks, they are incredibly fun and upbeat, sure to impress the visitors to Mardons with their instantly catchy songs.

Performing a mix of Irish-tinged, folk, country and blues songs, they tell tales of highwaymen, travelling troubadours, industrial heritage and even the Irish potato famine.

Not only do they have an impressively large band line-up, they harbour some serious musical skills and play a vast array of instruments, including, banjo, harmonica, fiddle, mandolin, Celtic bouzouki, recorders, trombone and flugabone!


With this unique line-up, the band create a rich, full, sound with intricate instrumentation that leads an audience through a lively set of sou stirring songs with pounding, foot-stomping beats.

With a five-track, self-penned EP (Singing for Our Supper, availaible on iTunes) already under their belt, an album in the pipeline and busy summer ahead, The Jamestown Brothers will debut at Mardons on Saturday, 28th March.



On Saturday, 7th March , The Haus Band will be joining us. The stunning 6-piece party band are always a highlight for us at Mardons, they are a class act! On Saturday, 14th March, a brand new band make their debut. Performing rock covers and fronted by the very talented Julia Hanratty, (who you may recognise from Soulville Express) we are plaesed to present By Imatation Only.

Check out Voodoo Seven on Saturday, 21st March, this is only their second visit, but we cannot wait for another night of upbeat songs, superb music and great vocals, come along to sing, dance, drink and party! In a change from our normal covers bands, we bring you the exceptional Jamestown Brothers on Saturday, 28th March. It will be a night of original material from this talented 8-piece, they perform instantly catchy well written songs and we are sure you are going to love them as much as we do.

Please follow our Facebook page for updates, information and future notices. Hopefully we’ll all be well and back together soon. Please stay safe and look after each other.



Leaking roof at mardons, built by Linden Homes

  Leaking roof at mardons, built by Linden Homes

The weather is taking its toll on us yet again. As most of you are all too aware, the building has been a constant source of frustration to us since even before we moved into it. The building, constructed by Linden Homes, endures a regular influx of water soaking through ceiling tiles and dripping into the room in numerous places during periods of bad weather.

Leaks at the Linden Homes build in 2016

  Leaks at the Linden Homes build in 2016   Leaks at the Linden Homes build in 2016   Leaks at the Linden Homes build in 2016

In the past, it has impacted on cabaret nights, quiz nights and other events, resulting in buckets and signage around the building. Not only are the leaks unsightly, but the potential damage to our dance floor and air conditioning would prove to be incredibly costly - in fact, hundreds of pounds have already been spent on the continual replacement of ceiling tiles.

Over the years, our earnest attempts to get the faults rectified have often been met by a distinct lact of response. On a couple of occasions Linden Homes have visited to investigate the issues, but despite their resulting actions, the problems are ongoing.

In the later part of 2019 the leaks resumed, tiles were sodden and again Linden Homes were approached for help. Unfortunately, without a response, we were left to cope through the winter and over the festive period.

At the start of the weekend, matters took a turn for the worse as the weather hit hard and the leaks became incessant, with a steady dripping of water from many places in the ceiling. On Friday night we managed to carefully position tables for a quiz night and on saturday, we managed to host a visit from one of our favourite bands, with buckets and warning signs strategically placed around the room and on the dance floor.

leaks at Mardons Social Club, a Linden Homes build

  leaks at Mardons Social Club, a Linden Homes build   leaks at Mardons Social Club, a Linden Homes build   leaks at Mardons Social Club, a Linden Homes build

The following day, we had to admit defeat and delay the opening the club in order to manage the water ingress. On re-opening, the club was left with one half of the room unuseable, cordoned off by safety tape and buckets steadily filling up. We have again reached out to Linden Homes, but as yet we have had no response. The committee are shortly due for a site visit fromthe new CEO of B&NES and we also plan to invite MP Jacob Rees-Mogg to Mardons, we will then be able to show them clearly the issues we are having with the building in the hope they can lend us their support.



Come and join us to support Mardons Carnival Club, on Friday, 14th February.

Rally your friends, form your team and test your musical knowledge while raising funds for this years carnival entry. Arrive at 7.00pm for an 8.00pm start, it's £3 per person, with a maximum number of six people per team.

There will be snacks and raffle available on the night. Come along for a fun night out.


Mardons Music Quiz Night Poster



Saturday, 1st sees last year's Summer party favourites,Rooted, return for another night of rock and pop covers, they were a great fun band and are sure to be a great way to launch into February. Join us for The Retreats on Saturday, 8th February, with their quirky songs choices and terrific vocals from Kirsty.
Friday, 14th February sees the Carnival Club staging a Music Quiz Night, before Limited Edition arrive on Saturday, 15th February. We are sure you know them well by now, they are the seriously talented 5-piece party band wo always give us the best party nights.
More fun follows on Saturday, 22nd February as we give a warm welcome to The Skinny Dippersperforming all manner of lively, fun, party tunes. Ending the month in fine form, we have Finger Buffet, its been far too long since we had the pleasure of their company, so we're looking forward to some female fronted rock and pop!




Mardons, last night we were schooled in the art of ROCK music and it was a masterclass. THANK YOU Bombshell, you delivered one hell of a set and we are massively impressed. Not only an insanely talented group of musicians who are super tight, nailing every song and playing with huge amounts of energy, but vocals that are beyond belief, Heidi, you are simply incredible! An immense sound, perfectly delivered from the first song to the very last.



Turn up the volume and check out the video, as another new group blasts into Mardons on Saturday, 25th January. Bombshell are an exciting, energetic and explosive, female-fronted, five-piece, covers band, guaranteed to provide a memorable performance!

This group can certainly rock with the best of them, with impressive musical skills, powerful vocals and clever spins on pop tunes, they were recommended to us after a member of one of our favourite bands saw them live (thanks Phillip Maggs)..

Heidi says: “We have been together seven years and performed at hundreds of shows, including festivals, events, rallys, weddings and many other venues. We are all the best of friends so have a great chemistry on stage. Our repertoire includes everything from rock classics by legends like AC/DC and Guns n Roses to our own versions of chart songs by artists like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and David Guetta ... We look forward to rocking out with you!”



  Dr Fraggle Band performing to a packed dance floor

A MIGHTY BIG THANK YOU to the fabulous Dr Fraggle Band. We love nights like that, super set list, talented musicians, stunning vocals and a crowd that really came to PARTY!!!! Cheers to every single one of you who joined us and made the night special - it was seriously impressive!.

Dr Fraggle Band performing to a packed dance floor




The Dr Fraggle Band make their highly anticipated debut at Mardons, on Saturday, 18th January. Although new to the club, the band have a wealth of experience, a super-group of sorts, with members hailing from acclaimed local groups including, Medicine Show, Chances R and the Wassail Blues Band.

Having been the headline act both at Glastonbury’s 'Riders In The Sky Festival' and Madrid's 'Ribfest' for three years now, the band have quite the pedigree, and perform an impressively diverse set with a number of songs that the 'average covers band' often overlook - Down Under, Fat Bottom Girls, Ghost Riders In The Sky, Saturday Night At The Movies, House Is Rocking, Flip, Flop Fly and Swords Of A Thousand Men.

Guitarist, Roy, says: "Adrien (Dr Fraggle) is a renowned solo act, TJ solo. Jimmy the Sticks is a multi instrumentalists with years of session experience, Huggy Bear is the best Bass player I’ve had the privilege of playing with in the 35 years I’ve been on the circuit. Sponge bob (Bob Crow) has been the rhythm guitar to my lead for the past 10 years, so as a couple, our guitar styles compliment each – He is my wing man! Me, I have been playing guitar for 36 year and I'm a guitar maker, the guitars you will see, hear on stage were hand made by me ... Our aim is to be the host of the party, professional sound, vibrant stage show and excellent musicianship."



Hope you’re not all too partied out, because we have some great bands coming up in January!!!

The Thrillionaires return for another night, and we can't wait! Saturday, 11th sees Big Mama's Banned take to the stage, it's always a pleasure to see this lovely lady and her band, come along and say hello. It's a brand new band for us, so join us for a boogie, and make them feel welcome on Saturday, 18th as The Dr Fraggle Band arrive - not to be missed! Saturday, 25th will be pretty special as yet another new band makes their debut at Mardons - this time it's explosive, female fronted-rock and pop band, Bombshell.

Come along and enjoy a great night out with us and support these terrific performers - entry is free and new faces are always welcome.



  New Year's Eve at mardons Social club

Thank you to everyone who came along to share NYE night with us, thank you for your singing, your dancing and for generally being such an amazing crowd!

New Year's Eve at Mardons Social Club   The Stiff Upper Lips band play live at Mardons New Year's Eve party

Huge thanks to The Stiff Upper Lips for making the night special and packing it with an incredible amount of terrific music, we truly appreciated all your hard work! Also a massive thank you to the Mardons team of bar staff who work so hard throughout the year and especially on NYE, so cheers to you all and best wishes for a wonderful 2020!!

New Year's Eve at Mardons social Club  



Childrens' Christmas Party at Mardons   Childrens' Christmas Party at Mardons

There was fun galore as kids turned out in force (bringing mums and dads along too) for the Mardons Kids Christmas Party this year.

Childrens' Christmas Party at Mardons   Childrens' Christmas Party at Mardons

The club was quickly packed full of excitable younsters eager to join in the fun and games while parents took a well deserved rest. Organisers Glyn and Lucy worked tirelessy throughout the afternoon to keep energy levels high and build the anticipation for the arrival of Santa. There were all manner of games and plenty of dancing - with numerous encores of Baby Shark as the kids showed no sign of flagging. Thanks also to everyone who pitched in to lend a hand, and especially to Lynn Whittacker, who was an absolute star, steppingin to help when things were most hectic!




Jet Pack Jesus are promising to 'blow up' the Mardons Christmas Party, and 'Die Hard' fans of the great rock, alternative and indie bands of the last five decades will certainly enjoy their lively, energetic and powerful performance.

Aiming to keep the crowd on their feet and havng fun all night long, they’ll be belting out tracks from legends such as The Beatles and The Stones through to The Killers, Kings of Leon and even Girls Aloud, there’ll be something for everyone in their set.

If you're feeling festive, we'd love to see Christmas jumpers, shirts and hats, but most of all, we'd like to see happy faces, as we rush headlong into Christmas!




Mardons' Christmas Party Night will be held on Saturday, 21st December, featuring Jet Pack Jesus. The five musicians from Bristol keep the crowd on their feet with a mix of rock, pop, alternative and indie tunes, belting out tracks from legends such as The Beatles and The Stones through to The Killers and Kings of Leon, with everyone invited!.

If you have finished your shopping and wrapped your presents on Christmas Eve, why not take the youngsters along to Mardons' infamous Kids Christmas Party, whch starts at 1pm.

Over the the years the event has grown considerably and is now enjoyed by the whole family and not just the younger members. Entry is free to all, but parents and guardians must remain on the premises at all times.

Madcap hijinks will mean that children will be entertained whilst you recover from the trials and tribulations of the festive season. Organisers provide fun, games and general mayhem, plus there will be a very special guest appearance from Father Christmas!

Boxing Day Afternoon sees the club host a family disco. After rave reviews last year, Feel The Funk return to mix the music for another lively and fun afternoon. Entry is free to all!

The Stiff Upper Lips (below) will be dazzling the guests this year at Mardons' New Year's Eve Party. Firm favourites at the club, these lads are great fun, incredibly talented and play a terrific mix of party music from across the genres. It will once again be an over-18s night.

  New Year's Eve Tickets go on sale at Mardons



We are kicking off the Bank Holiday weekend on Friday, 23rd August with a very special Gig, a one-off perfornace from South Wales band, The Thrillionaires.

Following a number of years spent in the UAE where the live music scene is immense and where competition is fierce, drummer, Steve Mckrill gained an insight and education into what makes a band great. He says: “When I came home and set up my own band, I took what I learned out there and applied it to us. Would we stand out in UAE? Would we please an eclectic audience and could we keep a dance floor full?"

In January 2017, it was time to put the theory into practice, to form a cover band that would make a name for itself as being the most professional sounding and performing band in the South Wales area. The Thrillionaires was formed and the ambition was quickly realised.

Brothers, Des and Steve Mackrill (guitar and drums) have played in bands since they were teenagers. Steve has done pretty much every pro-musician gig that can be done, cruise ships, touring with metal bands over Europe, as well as being long-time drummer and sound engineer for the infamous Circus Of Horrors. Des his brother was once a pro Rugby player, and not only is an amazing guitarist, but a fantastic singer.

On bass, it’s Ben Govier, who’s musical ear and bass guitar ability is up there with the best. He also has a amazing voice with a range that would make Mariah Carrey blush! Out front you’ll find Dave Bryan, a native of Cornwall and former Blue Coat, he settled in the welsh valleys and is a main stay for musical theatre and joined The Thrillionaires as his first venture into the pro cover band circuit.

Their inspired medleys stand out as the most talked about factors, with Queen, Robbie Williams and the recent addition of Elton John, in light of the Rocketman movie, recognised as being true and honest tributes to these amazing British acts and the highlight of every gig.


In a relativley short time, The Thrillionaires have become reknowned for performing a wide range of genres with slick passion, virtuoso musicianship and amazing vocal harmonies.

We jumped at the opportunity to play host for this aclaimed band and look forward to an upbeat and energetic night of exceptional music. Entrty is free to all, non members are incredibly welcome music kicks off at 9pm.



We welcome Snowblind, on Saturday, 17th August, and you may well recognise some familiar faces in this fusion of past and present members of popular covers band Tundra.

The 5-piece brings together past members Ian McGuire (keyboards & vocals) and Guy Gibbs (guitars and vocals) to join forces once again with Mark Evans (vocals, guitars & sax) and Karl Reader (bass and vocals) Experienced percussionist James Ram completes the line-up on drums.

The band focuses it’s set lists on BIG hits which utilise the strengths of the band, with a dynamic and full guitar/keyboard backing track supporting multi-part vocal harmonies and energetic lead vocals. Their brilliant set list includes Are Friends Electric, Uprising, It's A Kind Of Magic, First Of The Gang, Sit Down and Planet Earth to name just a few.



Their debut early in the year proved to be hugely popular, winning over the audience with cheeky charm and a barrage of great music.

Not content with entertaining the audience with their musical ability - they even demonstrated their dance moves during the interval with a pretty decent Cha Cha Slide!
Front man Martyn, a mechanic by day and talented rock and pop singer by night, has a voice versatile enough to tackle a vast rage of songs.

They say: The songs in our list are specifically chosen to get people singing and dancing throughout the night. We rock the songs that make your night as epic as you imagine it to be.


From rocking renditions of ACDC's You Shook Me All Night Long and Aerosmith's I Don't Want To Miss A Thing through to pure pop numbers like Katy Perry's I Kissed A Girl, Madonna's Like A Virgin, and a very impressive cover of Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus, this four-piece create a party atmosphere at every performance.

They say: The songs in our list are specifically chosen to get people singing and dancing throughout the night. We rock the songs that make your night as epic as you imagine it to be.



A massive thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate at our summer party night. We were hugely impressed by the performance of the the brilliant Bristol Band Rooted. With a set of anthems and party bangers, they had everyone on the floor and dancing ... their visit has been a long time coming, but proved to be wel worth the wait.

Jorden Lindsay gave us a stunning selection of songs during his half hour set, with the dancing continuing without let up. At the close of his set he was met with calls for 'more' so he treated everyone to an impromtu extra song.

The whole night was full of fun, with the pop up shots bar gaining a lot of interest and lots of custom!




Thank you for your continued support.