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George Knight

Hailing from Wiltshire, George is a talented singer/songwriter based in Bath. He plays many instruments such as guitar, vocals, piano, brass, drums and tuned percussion. Over the past 8 years of writing and development his musical style has evolved into a blend of Indie pop rock, with elements of punk pop, folk, emo. It has been compared to artists such as Lemonheads, Nickleback, Silverchair, Manic Street Preachers and The Smashing Pumpkins.

In 2009 George went to Moon Calf Studios in Marlborough to record a six track e.p. with studio engineer, Nick Beere. The resulting six beautiful tracks which span over half an hour are available from Itunes.


George Knight's 'The Harlot Cowboy

Tracks include My Medic Soldier, about a soldier being shot in combat, and whilst heavily sedated he falls in love with the nurse that treats him. The Heads Up Saloon Bar is about the final throws of passion at the end of an affair, and Heart Behind The Cellar Door is about the film Donnie Darko.

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George promoted for The Harlot Cowboy with a series of acoustic shows in Bath. Through friends’ contacts and the chance to meet artists George’s music got passed onto some big names including Richard Branson, Fightstar, Inme and Cobra Starship.
The music was getting everyone’s attention and soon it was time to drop the acoustic guitar and start showing people that his music was more versatile. He enlisted Rich Hillman as the first member of his support band. A few successful shows under the belt with backing tracks and Rich on bass it was soon time for Dave.

Dave was a mutual friend from local band The Soundtracks. With his band not gigging as much as he would’ve liked and his strong appreciation for George’s music, he was quickly snapped up and added to the band.

Over the past few months they have worked hard on perfecting their set list material and have currently got a strong collection of songs for live performances. This has increased the positive response - attracting venues, fans, and booking agents.
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