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On Friday, September 24th, The Operation will perform at one of the Club's Showcase Nights. Please come along and see them - entry is of course free and all ages are welcome

The Operation are: Alex Veale (guitar, lead vocal), Oli Court (drums. vocals) and Nick Wilton (bass. vocals). Having been together for five years these boys have created their own modern sound of guitar-rock/pop.

Working hard to bring their music to the masses they have toured extensively, playing the west coast of America including headline shows at The Viper Rooms and the Roxy. In the last two years they played Glastonbury and have toured the biggest part of the UK

This year alone the band have been offered gigs at major festivals in China, USA and here in the UK.

Not only one of this areas top bands, The Operation have mixed with some of the big names, supporting bands such as The Magic Numbers, The Electric Soft Parade and The Editors.

With the buzz around them, The Operation and an increasing number of american fans, they were flown to the USA to showcase for the heads of the industry and to become part of the HBO show 'The Swinghouse' which follows their progress in the states.

Find out more about the band and listen to their tracks on their mypsce page:

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Beautiful Days Album cover   Human Zoo Album cover

The Operation have two albums that are available ' Beautiful Days ' and ' Human Zoo '. Buy them directly from the band at the link below

"This three piece put on a brilliant set, and clearly had the fans here tonight....For a three piece, they certainly made a lot of noise...The singers’ powerful voice and beautiful guitar was joined by some powerful bass, and some strong beats from the drummer....reminded me of all the old rock that I’ve been brought up on, like the likes of Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin...Each song had a new and quirky edge, and the fans were loving it, which you could tell by the singing along."

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